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Properties / For sale / Commercial property / Skrunda / Skrundas Arodvidusskola

Skrunda Vocational Secondary School building complex and land plot with a total area of ​​5.65 ha. The property is located in a rural area in Skrunda municipality, Skrunda parish, settlement - Pumpuri The building complex consists of: * Old Agricultural School, built in 1897, with a total area of ​​2224.2 m2. * New Agricultural School, built in 1986, with a total area of ​​2588.8 m2. * Gymnasium, built in 1985, with a total area of ​​861.5 m2. * Workshop / Tractor Training Building, built in 1992, with a total area of ​​902.7 m2 * Dormitory buildings, built in 1974, with a total area of ​​4469.8 m2 * Administrative buildings and Boiler houses, built in 1986, with a total area of ​​772.1 m2 The three-storey Old Agricultural School can be transformed into an apartment house / apartment. The three-storey New Agricultural School and the five-storey Dormitory can be adapted to the needs of a hotel / hostel or social care center. The dormitory building has recently undergone major renovations. Replaced risers, new plumbing, new wiring, new heating system. on the first floor, in accordance with the requirements of the FVS, the kitchen has been planned and repaired. Spacious dining area. The three-storey Workshop / Tractor Training Building can be used for carpentry, industrial production, machine and tractor equipment repairs, as the room is equipped with high ceilings, repair pits and winch motor lifting. Adjacent rooms for welding work with an additional extractor are located nearby. There is also a shooting range on the top floor of the building. The gym is equipped with high ceilings and basketball hoops and is adaptable to a variety of sports. There are also changing rooms, toilets and showers next to the hall. An outdoor stadium for sports activities is available. Boiler house with two high-capacity (each 1MW) solid fuel boilers, which provide heat supply to all owned buildings. A new external heating main has been built from all boiler houses to all buildings. New heating units have been installed in all buildings, with all supply pipes. Engineering communications: * Water supply - a local deep well from which very high quality water is obtained. Water extraction can be turned into business! * Sewerage - local. * Power supply - connection to centralized networks. A good asphalt road leads to the property (P107, Skrunda - Ezere). Distance to Skrunda center ~ 7km, to Riga ~ 150km.

Approximate fees of registration in the Land Register

Stamp duty: 8250 EUROffice duty: 21.34 EUR

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Kristaps Vīdners

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Object information

Address: Skrundas Arodvidusskola , Skrunda

Property type: Commercial property

Price: 550 000 EUR

Space: 11820m2

Floors: 5

Space: 5,65ha

Condition of the building: Renovated building, closed staircase, new roof, new risers, supervised territory, fenced area

Utility systems: sewerage, electricity, cold water, отопление, all comunications, with solid heating, new risers, new wirework

Planning: can be re-planned, the layout is in accordance with the inventory file, pagrabs, noliktavas telpa, kambaris

Location and surroundings: close to the center, close to public transport, close to park, easily accessible

Location on the map

+371 27832828